Anti Christ Irritates Christians

Anti-Christ Irritates Christians

The Anti-Christ and his ilk have now irritated Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Christ taught God Loving religious strategies to human beings. The Roman Empire in 325 ads forcibly obtained “Christianity” and removed the God Loving strategies of Jesus the Christ. Roman emperors to perpetuate their empire, preserve their power over others and to preserve a constant float of wealth into Rome, took over “Christianity” and created the Vatican town within Rome. They mutilated the philosophies of Jesus to create God fearing “Christians” who worry God because they follow the Satanic manner of life by using seeking wealth, self-reputation and/or energy over others.

Politics gets involved with religion

George W BushBut, now George Bush and his form of God fearing “Christians” are trying to forcibly spread their Satanic ways of living globally thru navy and economic intimidation.
Jesus has appeared and stated enough is sufficient. He stated the time for “Rapture” or the group Ascensions draws near. Christ also stated, “modern day Christians are God fearing and now not God Loving. they have followed the path of the false prophets. I warned them to watch out for fake prophets and advised them they’ll recognize the false prophets through the end result which they endure. My techniques, teachings, and philosophies unfold within the early days because people who observed my practices became the living examples of Unconditional Love which they spoke about. My teachings did no longer unfold via technological toys or weapons of war. guard continually however in no way assault.”
thus, Jesus has requested us to make certain modifications to the Sacred Merkaba techniques at once.
powerful right away there is a brand new stage to the Sacred Merkaba strategies which has been called for 2,000 years Christ’s light strategies for Enlightenment. The Christ’s mild strategies don’t have anything to do with modern-day “Christianity” as brand new “Christian” church buildings are packed with false prophets who worship money over people and spread hate.

Lyrics to under his wings

the light of the christThe Christ’s light techniques comprise extremely powerful accelerators for one’s nonsecular boom.
those are certainly the “stop instances” and therefore the wondrous Christ’s mild techniques from 2,000 years ago will now be made to be had all over again. (for two,000 years the fathers of sure bloodlines have taught their first born son’s positive sacred information and techniques. those wondrous techniques have no longer been brazenly taught for seven-hundred years.)
inside the closing seven years, hundreds of capacity instructors of Christ’s mild techniques commenced their education as practitioners and instructors of the Sacred Merkaba techniques. handiest the nice of the fine have survived the religious checks and lessons in existence that have spread out for each trainer. each energetic teacher has spiritually grown into the solar of God stage of advent with the aid of properly teaching others the Multi-dimensional Sacred Merkaba strategies. best the satisfactory of the high-quality of the satisfactory of the Sacred Merkaba techniques instructors qualify to end up Christ’s light techniques teachers.
Jesus got here to Earth as a tenth dimensional solar of God to help humanity. Mature 10th dimensional solar Suns of God travel for the duration of their galaxy that allows you to serve God, advantage studies and Ascend into turning into eleventh dimensional Galactic Suns of God. Jesus chose to descend in awareness and incarnate at the 3rd-dimensional stage upon planet Earth in a completely dangerous service to others assignment to help humanity. Jesus, 2,000 years ago, became a Christed One, or Jesus the Christ, a twelfth-dimensional familiar sun of God as a result of his career to others paintings on planet Earth over the millenniums. (The 10th-dimensional sun solar of God referred to as Jesus became an eleventh-dimensional Galactic sun of God hundreds of years in advance in his incarnation as Shiva).

Christian worship Sacred Merkaba strategieschristian worship

Education for the Sacred Merkaba strategies institution Ascension has begun and testing is underway. preparation for the “First Wave” will now consist of the release of the Christ mild techniques to those instructors and practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba techniques who’re equipped. for that reason, the time has come to release the ancient and wondrous Christ’s mild techniques now not to Christians but to all normal practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba strategies.
Effective without delay Step 1 of Christ’s light techniques is to be had to all ordinary English speak practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba techniques. email Miriam at in case you are inquisitive about Christ’s mild strategies. (Step 1 is open to all people, but one will be often working towards the basic Sacred Merkaba strategies for 3 months before they are certified and ready to get hold of Steps 2 and 3 of Christ’s mild strategies.)