AZ Translation Services Has Reduced Prices

AZ Translation Services Has Reduced Prices

Houston area businesses and residents can look forward to a price reduction on translation services from Azadi this spring.

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AZ Translation Service is a Houston-based immigration consultancy and translation service company.  The team at Azadi provides assistance for immigrants in the region who may need help with the process of gaining visas, green cards, or working with their citizenship applications. The company provides document translation and support to immigrants and their families as they go through the sometimes stressful process of applying for visas or residency. Their goal is to help immigrants have a smoother experience and a less stressful one, which is why they have reduced their prices to $33 dollars a page.

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“We understand that the path to Citizenship can be pretty confusing, especially for those who are eligible but are still somewhat limited in their English language skills,” says Aryan Khalili.  “These are legal documents and those can be difficult for even native speakers to read and understand completely. So we’re here to help that process along, offer translation and guidance so that people who want to live and work in America get that opportunity. Whatever anyone else says, this is still a great country and they deserve their chance.”

They stress that immigration codes are complicated and many individuals get Spanish Translation Servicestaken advantage of by VISA consultants. They are lowering their prices so that people who may be concerned about current affairs have an outlet to work through their situation quickly. Azadi Translation Service is dedicated to helping everyone from Lawful Permanent Residents to Refugees and Immigrants. They want to ensure that everyone understands the requirements, to have help filling out their forms, and to have the most accurate and up-to-date advice on the process.

For more information, visit their website at our website here for Spanish Translation Services